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Official homepage of Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez, founder of San-Jitsu Ryu, one of jiu jitsu’s more brutal and unique styles, and the prestigious World Head of Family Sokeship Council. Articles on Professor Sanchez and his system have appeared in international publications such as Black Belt, Inside Kung-fu, Inside Karate, Karate/ Kung-fu Illustrated, The Karate Star (from India), Cinturon Negro (from Spain), Kampfkunst International (from Germany), and Combat (from England) to name a few. Professor Sanchez is in constant demand for personal appearances and seminars all over the world and remains a very active member of the martial art community.

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez

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My name is Ron Van Clief and I have known Grandmaster Sanchez for over a decade. He is an honorable man and a true grandmaster of the martial arts. Sanjitsu is the art that he created to give his homeland Guam a legacy rich in tradition. He has created the World Sokeship Council which has more masters and grandmasters as members than any other organization in the world. He is a brilliant and sensitive human being. Without men like Grandmaster Sanchez the world of the martial arts would certainly be deficient. I am a 5 time world champion and a 15 time all american champion and he is indeed a grandmaster of the highest order. Thank you so very much for your consideration......
Grandmaster Ron Van Clief THE BLACK DRAGON
U.S. Virgin Islands