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January – March 2006 Student / Instructor Newsletter
Grandmaster Sanchez (left) w/ Enter The Dragon Star, Grandmaster Bob Wall (middle) & Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti

Grandmaster Sanchez receives induction award from presenter Master Michael Matsuda

January 7, 2006 – Atlantic City, New Jersey – Yours truly was inducted into ACTION MARTIAL ARTS NEWS’ International Hall of Fame with the award designation, “OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION BY A GRANDMASTER” for the creation of America’s largest International organization of “known” grandmasters called the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL…..While there, I got to meet many of my friends like GRANDMASTER BOB WALL, martial arts actor & C.E.O. of WORLDBLACKBELT.COM (of which I am a Founding Member); MASTER ADAM JAMES of WORLDBLACKBELT.COM; GRANDMASTER VINCENT MARCHETTI of Michi Budo Ryu; GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER of Isshinryu Plus; GRANDMASTER GEORGE ALEXANDER of Yamazato Productions; GRANDMASTER GARY WASNIEWSKI of Ty-Ga Karate & many others……SPECIAL THANKS to Promoter & good friend, MASTER ALAN GOLDBERG, Publisher of ACTION MARTIAL ARTS for sponsoring my room & banquet fee......I had a fantastic time!

Many of you are unaware that aside from Founding the world’s largest & most elite martial arts grandmasters organization in the world, I am also the one who opened the doors for BLACK BELT Magazine to feature many of the modern martial arts systems now featured in its pages today……. At the request of BLACK BELT Magazine itself & in rebuttal to a piece featured in its pages by well known martial arts writer Floyd Burk criticizing the eclectic arts in favor of traditional arts…..I wrote a piece entitled “What’s Wrong with a Martial Artist Creating His Own System? …..In Defense of Electic Martial Arts” that was featured in their November 1996 edition. It outlined how martial artists of notoriety who were Masters in two or more systems were coming up with their own credible systems. The response was overwhelming as I understand, but I
never fully got credit for it & have not to this day……Should any of you wish a copy of the article I would be glad to send it to you. In examining the mistakes made by my instructor, the late great Sig Kufferath, who headed the largest Ju-Jitsu organization in the world called the Danzan Ryu Jiu-Jitsu system & who was one of the main Principles responsible for giving Wally Jay his 10th dan; & Grandmaster Peter Urban who was the first 10th dan in America. They were never truly honored until their deaths because they never really talked about what they did…..It’s a SHAME that they never received any real recognition while they were alive…..So, as not to fall into the same trap, at least my students will know that their instructor did something to further the advancement of martial arts!

Good to hear that SHERIDAN LUPO of TENNESSEE is slowly getting back on his feet again after some personal trials & tribulations. He teaches both Kung-Fu & SAN-JITSU in CHATANOOGA, TENNESSEE…

SPECIAL THANKS to student, KIMBERLY ERTLE of DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA for the homemade cookies sent to the Hombu by way of Assistant Instructor, NATE HART. We enjoyed them over the Holidays….THANK YOU, KIM!

also go out to REED TOPASNA of GUAM who is sending a gift of a Brown Snake made out of Mango Wood. For those of you who have not kept up with the world news, this is the snake that is decimating the wild life on my home Island of GUAM. Fortunately, they are now finding ways of curtailing it. Since there are techniques in SAN-JITSU named after the snake, it will make a fine addition to our Hombu & we will feature a photo of it in the next edition.

For those of you who ordered DVDs recently, we are experiencing a backlog due to the studio we are using being behind on their production orders. I thank you for your patience!
Student, PRASAD WICKRAMASINGHE (left) of Sri Lanka shown training with one of his students
PRASAD WICKRAMASINGHE reports that he is still actively teaching SAN-JITSU to his devout students in SRI LANKA along with Wing Chun Kung-Fu……

BOB WIENHOLD from OHIO has a fighting arts group that meets to practice SAN-JITSU. He has put together a study sheet to make the learning easier & sent me a copy to review…..The content is excellent BOB!

JORG ADERHOLD, Head Instructor from GERMANY reports that the UNITED SAN-JITSU FEDERATION of GERMANY under the leadership of THORSTEN ISRINGHAUSEN with seminar promotion by HEINZ SCHEIDEREITER is currently
underway promoting a new instructor program for SAN-JITSU in North Germany, starting with the City of Oldenburg……

In the martial arts media……Issue #65- 2006 of ACTION MARTIAL ARTS NEWS features
mentions & photos of my 2005 WHFSC Hall of Fame & Grandmaster Gary Alexander’s I.A.M.A. Hall of Fame where I was inducted as a “Distinguished Leader of American Martial Arts”…..GUAM Magazine Publisher, Ike Torres also e-mailed to say that I would be featured in GUAM Magazines’ Spring issue…….

What you didn’t see in the article in BLACK BELT Magazine entitled “AGAINST THE WALL”……Here is the follow-up that was not included because of space limitations that you should
You are slammed up against .the wall –take the impact with with your bent forearms
Move your hand down against the wall for leverage & kick into opponent’s groin
Place your instep in back of opponent’s foot
Push back with your hip as you come down on your knee & extended instep to trip him
Brace your hands against the ground
& kick back into his testicles to end
the confrontation
Well, this concludes our news for this issue……Remember to train hard as always until next time!

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez 10th dan Black Belt - Founder







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