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    May – June 2005 Student / Instructor Newsletter
Black Belts surround San-Jitsu Reps, Sensei Thorsten Isringhausen (2nd from left –
2nd row) & Sensei Jorg Aderhold (3rd from right- 2nd row)
New Federation forms in Germany – In an effort to better promote our presence there, Representatives, SENSEIS THORSTEN ISRINGHAUSEN & JORG ADERHOLD have asked for and been given permission from MYSELF to form the UNITED SAN-JITSU FEDERATION OF GERMANY. This newly formed branch of our UNITED FEDERATIION OF SAN-JITSU RYU will be given the task of overseeing the growth & training of our art in this area of the world through seminars & special instructor training programs.
I will also be visiting on a yearly basis as I have in the past to do seminars & update everyone on the latest developments in SAN-JITSU.
  In Switzerland, SAN-JITSU practioner, SENSEI GREGOR HANGGI has accepted the position of being our SWISS REPRESENTATIVE there. He is currently involved in teaching the Swiss Military. CONGRATULATIONS GREGOR!
  SENSEI PHILLIP SPEARS, formerly our Representative in TEXAS, has now moved to the BAHAMAS where he presently resides with his Wife, Glenda & three children. Having just recently settled there, we hope to hear more about his new JAMAICAN DOJO in the future.
From TENNESSEE, our Representive there, SENSEI SHERIDAN LUPO reports that his female student, Dorie Mayfield placed 1st in Kickboxing & 1st in grappling & another student, Brian Hendrix placed 1st in grappling in

the mens division during a recent tournament sponsored by the KARATE VOICE NEWS in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida……CONGRATULATIONS SHERIDAN!
From the Hombu here in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, I am proud to report that Brown Belt student, EVAN
TAYLOR recently graduated from the Marine R.O.T.C. on April 30th & will be leaving shortly to serve this
great Country of ours, the U.S.A…….He plans to continue his training in SAN-JITSU on a long-distance basis & travel to the Hombu from time-to-time to update his skills & to test……..CONGRATULATIONS EVAN on graduating & becoming a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marines!

In the magazines, I am presently featured in an article in the June 2005 issue of BLACK BELT Magazine which
Is currently on the newsstands entitled “AGAINST THE WALL” . The article deals with street confrontations
when you are being attacked & your back is “literally” against the wall…..Be sure to buy the issue, if you
haven’t done so already!
Early in March of this year, I was asked to be the GUEST OF HONOR & also to give a seminar at a martial arts event called the “GOLDEN KNIGHT” that took place in Moscow, Russia. The event was sponsored by the RUSSIAN FEDERATION OF RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART.

I will also be honored in June with an Award from BUDO INTERNATIONAL Magazine during their Hall of Fame Gala which is being hosted by U.S. Representative & legendary “breaker”, MASTER MAURICE ELMALEM in NEW YORK (this top rated magazine is the largest circulated martial arts publication in the world, distributed worldwide by Publisher, MR. ALFREDO TUCCI of Spain) & from there I will travel to HAWAII in July to do a seminar & be honored by the HAWAII MARTIAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY. I have also been invited to be in Kuching, Sarawak, MALAYSIA on July 30th & 31st , but have opted instead to be in California for BLACK BELT Magazines’ (a top U.S. publication) 1st ANNUAL MARTIAL ARTS FESTIVAL to see some friends who will be attending. Hopefully, I will also get a chance to visit with SENSEI DAVID PEREZ, my student from that area as well & to meet EDITORS, ROBERT YOUNG , SARA FOGAN & the rest who have been kind enough to publish articles/ press releases on me in the past in BLACK BELT.
In the new book department……GRANDMASTER GIUSEPPE DI GARBO, a Goju Karate stylist from Italy, is writing a book on the martial arts which will feature a biography on MYSELF.
Also, CYNTHIA MOBLEY, A “USA TODAY” best selling author, will be writing a book on my grandmasters organization, the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL. The book is expected to be a long term project documenting America’s FIRST successful grandmasters organization……With all the “politics” going on in the martial arts world today it is good to see that one can still have his deeds documented by credible sources…..As some of you students may remember, I was quite upset about my good friend, MAESTRO PETER URBAN never being given the credit he deserved as being one of America’s first…..if not, America’s first 10th dan (in a system he called U.S.A. GOJU , a derivative of OKINAWAN GOJU KARATE)….That was rectified upon his death when several of the larger martial arts publications eulogized his passing. As many of my closest friends know, I was also privy to MAESTRO URBAN’s advice when several Masters in New York tried to attack my credibility as a martial artist in an effort to “take over” my grandmasters organization…..I was told to” sit on my throne in Florida & never go to the New York – New Jersey area or else….”. Hearing this bit of trash, I booked a flight to New Jersey to attend my good friend, the late GRANDMASTER DON NAGLE’s tournament in Piscataway (NAGLE was the instructor of top Isshinryu fighter, GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER, another friend of mine) fully expecting that I would have a “reception committee” upon my arrival…..but, no one showed, except one individual from that group who shook my hand, asked if I had a good flight & then promptly left the building….So much for “bravado”! Shortly thereafter, MAESTRO URBAN sent me a fax saying that “I was winning…..” which I knew was in reference to these individuals. ….That’s martial arts “politics” for you…..

Lastly, I will be building a new website for SAN-JITSU in the next coming months with an updated bio. page, picture gallery, newsletter directory & links…… If you have a website address, please get it to me by e-mail so that I can include your link on the site or at least your e-mail address…..The current website address which is a little outdated will still be in effect for awhile until we can get the new site up.
My “very best” to all of you & remember to train hard as always until our next newsletter.
Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan (judan)
Founder/ Chief Instructor








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