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October – December 2005 Student / Instructor Newsletter

From the Jacksonville Hombu to all my students & instructors
Worldwide, as well as our friends in the martial arts
industry – we are STRONG & STILL GROWING!!

Grandmaster Sanchez (middle) flanked by Grandmaster Gary Alexander, Head of the I.A.M.A. (left) & Grandmaster Alex Smith

Had a great time at GRANDMASTER GARY ALEXANDER’s recent I.A.M.A Hall Fame Banquet held November 19th in Woodbridge, New York……As one of GRANDMASTER ALEXANDER’s Guests of Honor, I was privy to fantastic company in the form of such notable East Coast martial artists as MASTER ALAN GOLDBERG of “ACTION MARTIAL ARTS MAGAZINE”; GRANDMASTERS HENRY CHO of TAEKWONDO, ISAAC HENRY of BK KARATE, BUDDY AMATO of GOJU RYU, ED MAcGRATH of NAGLE ISSHINRYU, VINCENT MARCHETTI of MICHI BUDO RYU & GARY himself, who happens to be a legendary fighter in KARATE & the creator of ISSHINRYU PLUS…..To top things off, I was even surprised with an award that night!

For those of you who have been trying to contact me lately, my apologies……I have been sick with the flu for the last week & have been doing nothing but lying in bed, aside from going to & from the bathroom….. It has been a trying period because of the stomach virus I caught, coupled with the boredom of doing nothing…..Now, I have all my correspondence to catch up on. So, again my apologies for not replying if you called, wrote or e-mailed me before & I will be getting back to you real soon!

Am I recruiter for the U.S. Military?.....No, I’m not, but my students locally in the Hombu seem to be going in that direction……First, there was RON MOODY who
became a NAVY S.E.A.L.; then MICHAEL BROWN, a former Jacksonville SWAT Team instructor & student of mine who was hired for security work in Iraq; then EVAN TAYLOR who graduated as an Officer in the Marines; & now there’s JEREMY HUGGINS who was just accepted to West Point……JEREMY will be continuing his studies in San-Jitsu via long distance video instruction while undergoing schooling in New Jersey. CONGRATULATIONS JEREMY on your being accepted to West Point & we wish you MUCH SUCCESS in the future with your military career!……

Heard from SENSEI PHILLIP SPEARS in Texas that his Wife, Glenda had to have both of her Thyroid Glands removed because of Cancer. She is currently in recovery after having been given a radiation pill to kill off any remaining Cancer in her body……Please say a prayer for her speedy recovery & for PHILLIP……

Also, SENSEI ROBERT SCHMITT of NORTH CAROLINA is undergoing medical treatment for Spinal Stenosis. The condition is a narrowing of the spinal column which causes acute pain. A good friend, student & EXCELLENT grappler of the first order, ROBERT must now forgo any strenuous physical activity & is currently undergoing physical therapy for his condition…….

Received an e-mailed invitation from GRANDMASTER MAURICE ELMALEM, Editor of BUDO INTERNATIONAL AMERICA in New York that he is interested in having an article on SAN-JITSU from us. We will be working on a piece for the magazine shortly after the New Year……We thank him for the invitation!

Soke Sanchez (left) & Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti of New Jersey (right) join Master Alan Goldberg, Publisher of Action Martial Arts News for a photo shot
    Per invitation from MASTER ALAN GOLDBERG, Publisher of ACTION MARTIAL ARTS NEWS, I will be attending ACTION MARTIAL ARTS MAGAZINE’s EXPO TRADE SHOW & HALL OF FAME on January 6th & 7th , 2006 at the Tropicana Casino & Resort as his guest….The event is proported to be the largest martial arts trade show in the world…..I am anxious to attend & will let you know how the event turns out!

Regarding my own MARTIAL ARTS SYMPOSIUM/ AWARDS BANQUET for the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL, the 12th Annual event is now slated to take place May 26th & 27th, 2006 in Florida. The date change from the normal
time of August – September to May was to GET IT OUT OF THE HURRICANE SEASON as weather forcasters are now predicting a 10 year cycle of increased hurricane activity for Florida. If you feel you would like to attend, let me know & I will send you out an invitation. …..Just don’t wait till the last minute though. You can also visit the “WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL” Website at http://Bushido.org/~whfsc for more information on this yearly event & the W.H.F.S.C.

In the magazines this time around……The January 2006 issue of TAEKWONDO TIMES
carrys a news release on my WHFSC grandmasters Annual Meeting/ Seminar symposium &
Awards Banquet that took place in Orlando, Florida on September 2nd – 3rd of this year &
BUDO INTERNATIONAL Magazine’s most recent issue carrys a spread on its 1st Annual
Hall of Fame Gala in New York where I was inducted into their Hall of Fame……
Sensei Thorsten Isringhausen, Chief Instructor for the United San-Jitsu Germany Branch
models the new replacement uniform he found for our green gis in Poland. We our happy
to say that we also found a uniform supplier in Canada that says they’ll be able to make them
since losing our original supplier in Europe. We can now offer them again as our primary
uniform for San-Jitsu practitioners!

Lastly, we’d like to welcome ROY BROWN as a new student from Jamaica. He was originally
a student of SENSEI PHILLIP SPEARS, our Texas Representative & is now learning San-
Jitsu via long distance video instruction……WELCOME ROY to our WORLDWIDE family
of San-Jitsu practitioners!

Well, this concludes our last issue for 2005…..Remember to turn in any news you have for our
first issue of NEXT year & remember to train hard as always……May you all have a joyful &
very productive NEW YEAR!!!

Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez
10th dan Black Belt – Founder







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